8 Steps To Help You Find The Right Work From Home Business Opportunity. Real vs. Scam.

8 Steps To Help You Find The Right Work From Home Business Opportunity. Real vs. Scam.


You see it every day, all day long in all your social media accounts, news feeds, blogs, even on TV. The “Working From Home” business opportunity is all over the place. From job searches to the small SUV in front of you, full of vinyl and stickers promoting a “secure and fun” way to be your own boss.

The truth is that most of these business opportunities are legit and can be successful if you do your own research, commit yourself and find an opportunity that goes with your values and personality. Money should not be your only motivation to start a business or work from home, but that is another topic on its self.

First things first. Here are some real facts about work from home opportunities.

  • Data from the US Census shows that  5.2% of workers in the US worked at home in 2017—or 8 million people. That share is up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000.
  • These numbers are for both full time and part-time workers.
  • The average age of a work at home employee is 49 years old.

According to these and other statistics commuting to work for many American is as simple as getting out of bed and going to the couch or home office. Working from home is not only a dream or a thing of the moment, but it’s actually a growing market with many industries to choose from. None of them are easy. A few are scams. With that in mind and if you apply the steps below when researching online, you will soon find out, that most companies are legit but you need to know which company or companies are the right fit for your personality and budget.

Consider This Steps When Doing Your Own Research. 

1.  Know Yourself

Any business can be successful, and in most cases is the business owner, personality and lack of knowledge, that make a business successful or a failure. If you don’t like selling, don’t go into Outbound Customer Service or an MLM business model (nothing wrong with MLM, they can be profitable as well). If you don’t like numbers, don’t go into bookkeeping, you get the idea right?

Take a real inventory of your personality, likes, skills, and wants. Then go for it! 

2. Research

Once you have writing down what your likes, dislikes, and passions are, then do your research. It is easier than ever to find relevant information on the web. Everything you want to know is at your fingertips, good, bad and evil. Take your time to see and evaluate those companies that fit your personality. Do not limit your research to google, there are many other platforms and sites that you can pull information from like Youtube, Reddit, Facebook Groups, etc.


3. Money

Be wise where you invest your money. There is a difference between investing in your startup vs just paying someone or a company to get newsletters with no value or content to help you grow and advance in your business. The first sign of a scam is a money upfront without meeting any real live person to guide you and support you until you are ready to be on your own. If you are starting a business for yourself as a Virtual Assistant or Customer Service Rep, be sure to invest in your business with quality material and how to’s to help you advance. Above all, be wise where you invest your money.  Also, look for a contact number. Is there an office, social media account and or website that make it easier to contact this person? Can you send an email and receive a reply?

4. Establishment

Established Business Opportunity: For those looking into an already established company, keep these questions in mind. If need be, can you attend a conference and meet the founding members? Do they pay taxes? Are they located in the USA?

Your own startup: Can you run this business from home? Did you check with your city clerk to check your zoning? Can you promote your business in different venues like Market Places and Networks?

5. Get Rich


Established Business Opportunity: This is probably the biggest red flag on a scam job promotion. If the website promises everyone that they will get rich quick, with no work and risk, then walk away. There should also be no kickbacks to the parent company. Many of these websites will disappear once they make enough money from you.

 Yes, you can be successful! NO… it won’t happen overnight. 

Your own startup: Sadly many people see a post in social media and immediately wish they had the lifestyle they see a portrait by others. While it is true that being your own boss is extremely profitable, I can assure that it takes a lot of work, research, long nights and a group of people (employees or Virtual Assistants) to help you with your day to day task and much more.  If you understand this and are discipline and a goal getter, you are off to a good start.

Most legitimate companies are very transparent to potential purchasers about their business opportunities. Also, don’t fall for the old line ‘get $500 for only $100.’ You get what you pay for. If you are promised $400 worth of free product, then it is probably cheap/vague ebooks.


6. Reputation

Has the Better Business Bureau heard of them? Has anyone of the companies such as Internet Trade Bureau, Scambusters, Federal Trade Commission, Direct Sellers Association, heard of them?


7. Proven System

I can’t say it enough… Research, research, research the heck out of it. Is the system proven? Don’t sign up for any program that has a new scheme or program that has never been tried before. You want to establish the fact that the business opportunity is built on solid marketing principals, and that you will receive unlimited – and live – support after purchase.

Also, remember that there is no such thing as a magic opportunity. There is also no such thing as a get-rich-quick opportunity. All businesses take time and effort. 


8. Control

Are you in full control of the business? Can you add or limit the products sold from your business? Can you go global if you want? Are you forced to buy support from the parent company? All of these things can limit a company’s success rate.


Now that you have the drive, the steps to follow, and the goal-getter mindset, get started on your journey,  with the right foot in your new work at home or investment opportunity.

Yen Morales

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