Frequently Asked Questions.


What is my CSP ID?
Your CSP ID is the number used to identify you in the Arise systems for security purposes. You can find your CSP
ID by clicking on the Profile link under the My Info dropdown menu in the Arise Portal. Your CSP ID is located in
the top right-hand corner of the new window that opens.

How can I change my profile information?
From the Partner Admissions Home Page, click on “My Profile” link located at top of the page. Once the page
reloads, please select “Go” next to Update Profile. Upon changing your information, please click “Save” at the
bottom of the screen.

Where can I find the Arise Workstation Requirements?
For information about Arise Workstation Requirements: Please see the U.S. Workstation Requirements Guide
for more details: U.S. Workstation Requirements Guide.